Keith Lee Reviews His One-Year Anniversary With AEW

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Keith Lee made his AEW launching on the February 9, 2022, episode of AEW Dynamite following his WWE release in November 2021.

This previous month marked Lee’s 1 year anniversary with AEW and the previous AEW World Tag Team Champion just recently consulted with Fightful about his journey up until now in Tony Khan’s business.

You can have a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On his very first year in AEW:” I would categorize it as a little an experiment. It’s been appealing and extremely fascinating and rather academic for me to experience something that is really various from where I originated from, certainly.”

On his fight with Strickland:” Allow me to backtrack simply a minute– your cousin is wicked, bro. God. Listen, I like you. I’m going to beat him up. Swerve and I are really comparable in regards to happy to do the work to make. A lot of locations he’s been, and every location that I’ve ever been, I’ve never ever been that picked man and I believe Swerve reciprocates that in such a way where he’s needed to work to make recommendations and achievements for himself. I believe he’s really protective of that, simply as I am of my own achievements. Us winning tag group gold within 5 and 6 months– him, 5 months of being there; me, 6 months of being there– is an obvious indication of what we have to use, what we’re capable of and ideally what the future appearances like for both of us whenever we move on from slamming the crap out of each other. ‘Cause I’m gon na slam the crap out of him.

” But I still like the man and that’s the odd thing? Individuals do things to incorrect you and I have an actual diagonal scar on my chest from the concrete block that he stomped through my chest. He is the very first individual to ever scar me by his own actions. No human has actually ever done that. My scars have actually constantly originated from my own mishaps or football. Still, my own activities normally. Not another individual. This left a mark, not simply aesthetically for me to see every day, however seeing what he’s in fact efficient in is something that made me get a little bit more genuine. Which becomes part of why I chose, ‘I’m going to be more of myself this time.'”

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