Keith Lee On Getting Personal With Damian Priest, Appearing In “The Main Event”

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Keith Lee On Getting Personal With Damian Priest, Appearing In “The Main Event”

Keith Lee WWE NXT Netflix

Photo: ONE Media/Netflix

NXT’s resident top big man Kieth Lee has had plenty of opportunities as of late. The current reigning NXT North American Champion, he’s also one of the prominent WWE Stars in recent Netflix release The Main Event. Lee talked with Mike Johnson at PWInsider about all his recent opportunities and his current feud against the punishing Damian Priest.

Speaking with a gruff voice supposedly because of Priest’s attack last week, Lee says that his current title feud has become personal. Because of that, the current champion promises to be more brutal in tonight’s big fight. “As a man that loves competition as a whole, this is something that I am looking to send a message for anyone that takes that pathway against me in the future.”

With all this new opportunity, there has to be a reason behind it. Part of that could be the move to USA Network, which changed the landscape of the show once kept on WWE’s video service. “There’s more opportunity for competitors like myself, who may not have had a lot of time or opportunity to showcase themselves, or what they’re capable of, to maybe get that opportunity, and maybe get that chance to show that and know a little bit more on something that I take great joy in. Getting those opportunities in that competition has been helpful for many people, I feel like.”

That new position got him a big role in Netflix’s The Main Event, playing a wrestler named Smooth Operator. Keith was not expecting the chance to play such a role, but he delighted in accepting it.

It was an absolute surprise and I wish that I had more voice right now to express exactly how much I loved it. That was something I think I can only describe as magical. I think that that experience is something that’s probably going to live with me for quite some time.

For more, including Keith’s continued rivalry with Dominik Dijakovic and how the Performance Center has changed in recent times, you can check out the full interview on PWInsider.

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