Kayla Braxton opted not to renew her contract with WWE.

Kayla Braxton opted not to renew her contract with WWE.
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Just last week, WWE announced the departure of two significant figures, Dijak, who is now a free agent, and the backstage interviewer, Kayla Braxton, also known as Kayla Becker.

Braxton, who has been associated with WWE since 2016, confirmed her departure from the organization a little less than a week ago. Through a Twitter post, she made it clear that she has no plans of joining AEW and stated that she’s intending to step away from the world of professional wrestling. She further noted that if she had plans to proceed with her career in the industry, she wouldn’t have left WWE, which is hailed as the world’s largest wrestling promotion.

Braxton started her WWE career as an NXT ring announcer and then, in May 2017, she transitioned to interviewing wrestlers backstage on the main roster.

According to reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Braxton had initially been in contract renewal talks with WWE. However, she finally decided to forgo signing a deal.

The last WWE appearance for Braxton is scheduled for today’s SmackDown episode at Madison Square Garden.