Karrion Kross’ New Ring Gear Was Originally Pitched To The Bludgeon Brothers, According To Erick Rowan

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Karrion Kross’ New Ring Gear Was Originally Pitched To The Bludgeon Brothers, According To Erick Rowan

karrion kross

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE has been known to keep ideas in the can for several years before deciding to do something with them and it looks like that’s exactly the case for Monday Night RAW star Karrion Kross’ new gear.

Former WWE star Erick Rowan recently appeared on the ‘Chairshots To The Cranium’ podcast and revealed(via Sportskeeda) that he and the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper in WWE) were originally supposed to don Kross’ new gear when they were the Bludgeon Brothers on SmackDown.

“I remember the first pitch meeting for it. They showed us pictures of what they wanted The Bludgeon Brothers to look like. I think it’s almost exactly what Karrion Kross is wearing right now. It’s the Demolition leather straps that look like suspenders while you wrestle. We both looked at each other like, ‘No…’ I think that’s when I had a few friends design some things.”

Karrion Kross debuted the brand new look on the August 23 episode of WWE RAW, wearing a gladiator-esque mask and harness on his way to a dominant victory over Ricochet.

As for Rowan’s character work, he recently spoke with WrestleZone about his wrestling career and how he looks to re-define himself with his next run in the wrestling business. Rowan (now going by Erick Redbeard) says fans didn’t get to see him work to his full potential, so now he really just hopes to give people a chance to know what he’s really about.

“Man, I just wanted people to see me work. And without the confines of, you know, three, four-minute matches, all that. It’s good TV matches I guess, but I miss, most of all, the live events. I miss wrestling in front of the crowds [for] just long periods of time. And I want to [re-introduce] my character that nobody has really gotten to see. Like they’ve seen sprinkles here and there throughout parts of my gimmicks,” he explained, “but they’ve never gotten to know me. And that’s what I wanna show people. It’s me, and [it’s] me turned up to 100 kicking ass in the ring.”

Check out our full interview with Erick Rowan/Redbeard at this link.

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