Kane Talks His WWE Future, Shocking RAW Return, Coming Face To Face With The Fiend

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Kane Talks His WWE Future, Shocking RAW Return, Coming Face To Face With The Fiendkane

The Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee and WWE Superstar, Glenn Jacobs, appeared on The Two Man Power Trip.

Kane discussed his brief return to Monday Night RAW this past Monday night and his thoughts on The Fiend. The following was issued to us:

Returning to RAW this past Monday Night:

“As far as a shocking crazy return, I think it was. I think and as we say it was a really good piece of business. I’ve told people all along that last Monday they were in Knoxville so it was in my hometown and gosh, what a rush. Sometimes I forget about that but there is nothing like it. There is nothing like walking through that curtain and the entrance music and all that stuff. So, I’ve told people all along that I would never say that Kane is over because I don’t know when that part of my life will be over. If WWE asked me to do something, I’m probably going to try to do it because I really enjoy it. That was just a great night.”

Coming face to face with The Fiend:

“To also be involved with the Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt/Fiend story line, what an honor to be able to do that. It was a great night. Even I get creeped out by Bray Wyatt as The Fiend. I think that is a tremendous character and I’m also really happy when any of the guys are able to be successful. I think Bray is very creative and everything he has done as Bray Wyatt and now The Fiend character. It has all been great and he is such a wonderful performer.”

Kane’s future in WWE:

“Think about that? You get to go out and WWE is major league. Gosh, every once in a while you get to go out and check into a game with Lebron James or be on the football field with the New England Patriots, it is that level when you get to be on WWE programming. I don’t know what the future holds but at least for one night it was pretty doggone cool.”

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