Kane Appears On CNN To Talk Knox County Reopening Its Economy This Friday (Full Video)

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Kane Appears On CNN To Talk Knox County Reopening Its Economy This Friday (Full Video)


Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kane was on CNN with anchor John King today to discuss his decision to move forward with the reopening of Knox County, Tennessee. The state will be doing such this Friday after their stay-at-home orders expire and has it’s own limitations implemented, but the Glenn Jacobs-ran Knox County is applying their own set of phases within the state. The Knox County Re-opening plan is as follows:

People must: keep social distancing, wear masks, high risk people stay at home
Businesses that can open: daycare centers, spas, restaurants, salons, retail stores, gyms and places of worship.

“Our health department actually implements these plans and this plan is put together with the joint task force with the city of Knoxville, officials of Knox County as well as the Knox County Health Department and they have metrics that they will look at going forward,” Kane said. “As you said, we can’t keep the economy dormant. A lot of the people are suffering. 27 Million Americans have lost their jobs over the past five weeks and here in Tennessee that 400,000 file for unemployment. I’m concerned that we’re gonna reach a point when we talk about reopening the economy there’s not going to much left to reopen so we have to do so of course in a unique manner.

Kane talks how he prioritizes his role as mayor over either his consideration as a pro wrestler (which does get brought up) or as a small business owner in Knox County.

“Primarily the mayorship comes first and insuring the health of Knox County as well as insuring that our economy can remain intact and be viable and hopefully get moving again. As for our own businesses, we’ve been impacted like everybody else and I don’t feel that their is anyone that hasn’t been harmed by this crisis in one way or another whether it’s COVID-19 directly or the economic impact that all of his has happened or brought about. We just try to keep all of those things in mind and realize that it is a multi-faceted problem and realize that you have to make a decision and once you make it, you have to get feedback and see how things are going, but you have to make a decision and go with it.”

King asks Jacobs what would he say to a citizen who says “Mr. Mayor, I think you’re going too fast here?”

“Well again, if we don’t do something with the economy soon we’re not going to have much to open up, unfortunately and there’s a lot of people’s jobs that depends on sectors of the economy that have been completely shut down and It’s not a choice between life and economy. Lives depend on the economy so we have to balance both and we have to ensure that we’re taking care of both to the extend that we can.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can watch the entire clip of Mayor Glenn Jacobs below:

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