Kamille Details The Decision To Have Her Lose The NWA Women’s Title

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Kenzie Paige won the NWA Women’s World Title at NWA 75, snapping the 813-day reign of Kamille.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, Kamille noted that she pushed to lose the NWA Women’s World Title back in February. She said,


It was after Nuff Said, I was talking to Pat Kenney, and I said, ‘Pat, it’s time for me to lose the title.’ I went through almost every girl in the division, I had it for, at that point, almost two years. I’m as over as I’m going to be as a champion. I was like, ‘It’s time to highlight someone else and get someone else over.’ I did say, at that time, I really wanted it to be Kenzie. I said, ‘I think Kenzie is next.’ Obviously, she wrestled before the NWA, but this was the first company she had ever been signed to. She’s NWA homegrown talent. She was my first title defense with my reign. What better little nugget than that? I put it out there and said, ‘the NWA fans need a break from me. I need to refresh, regroup, figure something else out.’ Eventually, I don’t think complacent is the right word, but it comes to a point where people feel going into matches, ‘she’s going to win.’ It was time. Plain and simple, it was time. I was more than happy to pass it to Kenzie. I do wish, again, it was back in February, we had a little better of a story leading into it because, at that point, me and Markova [Natalia Markova] hadn’t touched for a match, fast forward to NWA 75, that was our third match. I do think, Markova or Kenzie, either one would have been great. Markova would have earned it and we had a great feud going into that. I kind of wish me and Kenzie would have had ‘that’ going into it, but Kenzie had a great comeback story, she lost her TV title, entered the gauntlet, overcame all the girls and won.

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