Juventud Guerrera Talks Losing His Mask, Wrestling Chris Jericho

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Juventud Guerrera Talks Losing His Mask, Wrestling Chris Jericho

chris jericho

Photo Credit: Giorgio Reyes / 101 WKQX

Former WWE superstar Juventud Guerrera recently sat down with The Hannibal TV, where he discussed a handful of topics, including being able to work with former WWE superstar and current AEW Champion Chris Jericho, to whom he lost his mask too in WCW.

Guerrera noted that he initially met Jericho while in Japan, working an event for WAR. When asked about his best match with Jericho, Guerrera quickly praised them all, saying “I enjoyed all of them.” Guerrera did note, however, that losing his mask to Jericho was probably his favorite.

When it came to the actual aspect of losing his mask, Guerrera noted that because he was so young, he didn’t want to cause any problems by arguing about the mask. “I wasn’t under contract, so I could, but I didn’t,” he said. “I was very, very young, I was just happy to be in the park and play with the boys, I didn’t want to b—- around, I just wanted to have fun, so I was like okay, and [they] took advantage.”

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