Justin Roberts Is Not Against Having 20 Matches On One Episode Of AEW Dark

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Justin Roberts Is Not Against Having 20 Matches On One Episode Of AEW Dark

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Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

Justin Roberts is open to making AEW Dark even bigger, claiming it gives talent more opportunities to improve.

Posting the following on Instagram, Roberts says Dark’s lineup might fluctuate each week but the bigger the show is, the more talent can get some reps in and grow as performers.

There were times when it was 3 matches, there are times when there are 16 matches. I’m not against having 20. @AEWDark is one of my very favorite shows that I’ve been a part of. Like house shows in the past, I love that AEW talent has the opportunity to try new moves/gear/entrances etc, show management what they can do and get reps. Myself included, as I still try new announcements and watch everything back to growing as an announcer.

The independent scene has been hurt by Covid and AEW has used Dark to give SO many independent talents the opportunity to Get in the ring and work. Earn a paycheck. Get to show AEW who they are and what they have to offer. The opportunity to work with and for experienced talent and coaches who can and will do everything to help them improve. Be seen by a large audience, show the world what they can do and get their name out there!

There are so many talented wrestlers who appear on AEW Dark and I love that this platform exists. Tune in and see the stars of today and tomorrow. Learn about them from the incredible duo of @shutupexcalibur and @officialtaz13, while also being entertained by their banter.

It’s fun to watch every aspect listed above and it’s easy to find. Catch up on existing episodes today and tune in to YouTube.com/AllEliteWrestling Tuesday’s at 7/6 PM for new episodes. #AEWDark

Dark has regularly averaged 16 matches per show in recent months, with most of them hosting 10+ per show since the pandemic started. This week’s show is currently advertising 12 matches, including plenty of Dark Order action and the return of NWA Women’s Champion Serena Deeb.

How do you feel about Roberts’ remarks? Do you want to see AEW Dark expand even more?

AEW Dark

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Tony Khan has also commented on Dark’s expansion, recently telling PWTorch that the show had a very different look prior to the pandemic and explained how it’s helping people find work and develop talent for the future.

“The pandemic changed Dark a lot. Dark was always supposed to be something of a developmental show for us, but it was also a much shorter show, and we taped it in front of a live crowd. And we would do a Dark before Dynamite started, and then we would tape two or three Dark matches after Dynamite, and it changed a lot.”

“I wanted to give [independent wrestlers] work, and I was thinking, in the beginning of the pandemic, you have all these independent wrestlers, especially around Florida and Georgia that aren’t really working, and they would kill to have this opportunity to wrestle on Dark, and we could do a bigger version of Dark. It could be more of a developmental system for us than it used to be.”

“We’ve developed a lot of talent through the show. Will Hobbs has become an important part of the show and an important person on Dynamite and he is probably the best developmental success story I have through the pandemic. Our women’s roster’s got a lot of young women who have not wrestled on TV a lot before Dynamite, and now I think Dark is a great place for them to get experience and get ready for TV matches, so we’ve got a great show there.”

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