Justin Credible On What The Kliq Saw In Triple H Early On

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Justin Credible On What The Kliq Saw In Triple H Early On

Triple H has become one of the most legendary wrestlers, and during his rise to fame, he became a member of an infamous backstage group known as The Kliq. Speaking to The Hannibal TV, former WWE superstar Justin Credible spoke about the group, and what they saw in Triple H early on.

“They liked his look, he was a tall guy, in shape, long blonde hair, they thought he was a money player,” he said when asked about how Triple H joined the group early. “He could definitely wrestle, so they loved him, so they figured let’s get in on him, because in their minds, the more guys like him we could grab, the more power we have as a collective.”

When asked if he could see if Triple H was becoming a big star, or had the potential to be, he said he didn’t. “Honestly at first, I did not see it at all. I worked with Hunter a ton, and he had all the ability in the world. Maybe it was his gimmick, cause the original gimmick that he came into, when he was doing the bow and that stuff, I worked with him 40-50 times, I didn’t see it. But when he became the Triple H we know today, that’s a whole different story. But I guess they just saw the potential in all of it.”

Credible was then asked if he had any stories about Triple H that perhaps no one else knew, and aside from never having seen him drunk and knowing he didn’t take drugs, Credible praised Triple H’s focus in the business. “He was probably one of the most serious, focused individuals that I ever met, as far as ‘This is what I want, this is what I have to do to get it.’” Credible went on to say that he never let any of the fame distract him, and said that he had never seen anyone else in the wrestling business like that.