Jungle Grrrl Reveals Stage Four Cancer Diagnosis

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Jungle Grrrl Reveals Stage Four Cancer Diagnosis

Jungle Grrrl

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Erica Porter, better known to the wrestling world as Jungle Grrrl has Stage 4 Cancer.

A news story stemming from the CBS affiliate out of Richmond, Virginia has the former WOW star as it’s subject and in the piece it reveals the upsetting news that Porter was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to her lungs and bones. Sadly, it incurable according to doctor’s prognosis.

“I understand where people reach a point in their life where they say ‘I’m done. I’m done.’ It’s overwhelming,” Erica said. “My son asked me, ‘Mom. Can you promise me you’re not going to die?’ I said there is no human that can promise that to anyone. The equalizer among all people is time. We don’t know what that time is.”

Despite the news, Erica still continues to fight on and stay active by being a presence at her son’s soccer games. Early in the piece Porter talks how much staying active and fit means to her, making it clear that it’s purely on a level of survival than vanity.

“It is my home away from home,” Erica said. “I always take care of myself. My workouts are critical. There is just an energy that becomes infectious for yourself. And then you feel better.”

Just at the beginning of October, Porter launched a non-profit called the Endorphasm Foundation (which was named after the gym she opened in 2013) which will provide fitness classes for cancer patients, free of charge.

“I do believe my foundation will be my legacy,” Erica said. “The greatest gift. The greatest gift is giving to others.”

While prepping for the biggest match of her life, Jungle Grrrl is determined not to let an illness pin her or anyone else down without a fight.

“An opportunity came and I made the best of it. No regrets. No regrets. What a life I’ve had. Pretty incredible.”

We here at WrestleZone would like to send our deepest prayers and best wishes to Erica as she continues her strong and inspiring journey.

If you’d like to donate to the Endorphasm Foundation you can do so here.

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