Jungle Boy On ‘Jurassic’ Chemistry, Adapting To Different Styles, Potential Singles Run

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Jungle Boy On ‘Jurassic’ Chemistry, Adapting To Different Styles, Potential Singles Run

Jungle Boy has quickly shot up the ranks of All Elite Wrestling and captured the love of the fans. During his recent appearance at Starrcast IV in Baltimore, he spoke about a handful of topics, including the chemistry that Jurassic Express has, his ability to adapt to different styles, and a potential singles run.

Jungle Boy—aka Jack Perry—says the ‘Jurassic’ trio works because they share similar ideas and they’re into the same things like gymnastics and parkour. The young AEW star noted that he hasn’t even been on TV with Luchasaurus yet, but they still have a lot they want to accomplish together. “Right now, we just have all these things that kind of back piled that we want to get out,” Perry said, “so I just really want to get them out there and start showing what we can do.”

Perry was asked about his ability to adapt to different styles, with it being noted that he’s a West Coast guy that’s starting to see many different styles on a national level now. He credited Joey Janela for helping his career and says he feels like he’s become a well-rounded wrestler in a short amount of time.

“I started as a West Coast wrestler, but it was really kind of the East Coast that blew up my career. It was Joey Janela, especially, he picked me out and put me on his show,” Perry said, “and that really changed everything for me. So then when I started going to the East coast, I feel like I really learned a lot in a short amount of time, because they’re very different in the way they put it together. I feel like I have kind of a well enough rounded style that’s going to work out.”

Despite the popularity of the current trio, Perry was asked about his thoughts on a potential singles run down the line. He says everyone probably starts out wanting that in their own career, and he could still see it happening with AEW.

“I think everyone starts off wanting to be a singles wrestler. I think what’s cool about this team, and about AEW, we’re all going to have opportunities to kind of do our own thing, as well as being part of the team.” Perry said. “I think we’ll all probably get some good singles stuff here and there.”

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