Juice Robinson Upset EVIL Hit Him In His Penis To Win Match: ‘This Ain’t 1998 WWF, And I Ain’t Val Venis!’

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Juice Robinson Upset EVIL Hit Him In His Penis To Win Match: ‘This Ain’t 1998 WWF, And I Ain’t Val Venis!’

EVIL defeated Juice Robinson in B Block action on Night 10 of the G1 Climax 30 tournament but Juice was more upset that EVIL tried to go “Attitude Era” on his goods.

Juice cut a promo during his post-show presser, calling out EVIL and Dick Togo for their nefarious tactics. During the closing moments of the bout, Dick distracted the referee, which led to EVIL hitting a low blow and Everything Is EVIL for the win. Juice says he’s not evil, but EVIL is evil, and the way they handle business doesn’t sit well with him.

“You say everything’s evil? Everything’s evil huh, EVIL? Well, I’ve got news for you—everything ain’t evil! Puppies aren’t evil, rainbows aren’t evil, Hashizumi, are they? Sunshine and daisies, that ain’t evil! I ain’t evil! I’m a sweet boy,” Juice said, “you know it. You’re evil, EVIL. Dick Togo is evil too! Well, Dick, this ain’t 1998 and this ain’t WWF, and I ain’t Val Venis! I don’t see Hamaguchi-san or anybody else out there! You ain’t choppy-choppying my pee-pee, alright?

“You can look, but you can’t touch. Little Juice and The Twins already belong to somebody, alright hot boys? You saw it Hashizumi, he hit me in my penis! I know EVIL is a former IWGP Champion, but I ain’t exactly a ‘ham-and-egger’. What am I, chopped liver, Hashizumi? I said I was going to win the matches that I was supposed to. Well, I lied to you,” Juice said, “and I don’t care what anybody says because I was supposed to win that damn match. I’ve never beaten EVIL. I know, 0-2, and I get closer every time, but he had that bastard Dick Togo out there! I know, I can’t cry over spilled milk, it’s G1, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

Juice went on to say he needs to beat Tetsuya Naito to stay alive in the tournament, and that this is his fourth G1 and he has a new goal. Juice noted that most people should say they want to win the whole thing—but he’s aiming to set a personal best mark and get the most points he’s earned yet.

“Ten—that’s my goal. I know I’m supposed to say I’m going to win this motherfucker, but everybody says that every year and only one person does! This year I’m going to get ten points, goddammit! Sorry, Finlay, I took the Lord’s name in vein,” Juice said, “but this time I’m going to get ten points, or else I might not do this anymore.”

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