Josh Alexander Dares AEW To Give Him A Match With ‘Their Best’ At IMPACT Bound For Glory

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Josh Alexander Dares AEW To Give Him A Match With ‘Their Best’ At IMPACT Bound For Glory

josh alexander

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander has thrown down the gauntet.

IMPACT Wrestling‘s Bound For Glory pay-per-view is right around the corner, and the company’s reigning X-Division Champion is ready to test himself against the best of the best.

In a promo following his successful title defense at IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming, Alexander directly called out All Elite Wrestling and dared them to give him a bout with their best at Bound For Glory.

“Black Taurus, you were AAA’s best,” said Alexander. “If we look at my title reign, I’ve beaten someone from New Japan that’s supposedly the best, someone from AAA that’s supposedly the best, I have run through the entire IMPACT X-Division. So maybe I need to look elsewhere.

“We’re talking about all these different promotions coming at Bound For Glory. AEW, yeah, you know who I’m talking about. I’m saying you give me your best, and we will see which division matters most in this company.”

In the initial teaser for Bound For Glory, IMPACT Wrestling teased that AEW, AAA and New Japan Pro-Wrestling will be involved, and the companies have been collaborating together recently, so Alexander’s request could be granted.

EXCLUSIVE: @Walking_Weapon has beaten the best from @luchalibreaaa, @njpwglobal and IMPACT – now he's looking for the best from elsewhere. #Homecoming


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