Jordan Devlin Wants NXT UK To Tour Europe, Talks Looking Up To Finn Balor

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Jordan Devlin Wants NXT UK To Tour Europe, Talks Looking Up To Finn Balor

jordan devlin

Photo Credit: NCL via Powerslam.TV

TV Insider talked to newly crowned NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin about his transition to WWE, NXT UK, and the Irish wrestling scene.

Check out highlights below:

Wanting to further NXT UK’s reach:

It’s really good for the UK scene. It has breathed life into us. To have the UK Performance Center as well and learn from the best minds in the business…NXT UK has grown so much in the last three years. I couldn’t have imagined we’d be here if you’d ask me three years ago. Maybe we can be a company or brand that tours across Europe and not just the UK. I’d love to see NXT UK TakeOver Dublin. There is talk of maybe going to Germany and other parts of Europe. I’d love to take the show on the road. It would be awesome for the brand.

Why he looks up to Finn Balor:

He was the best wrestler in Ireland then and probably now. He was the person I most aspired to be like. He was always the guy I wanted to measure up to and up with. He went from Ireland to Japan to train, as did I. He went to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I went to Zero-One. He went to the States and WWE. I was a couple of years behind him when WWE signed me. We’ve been running the same path for a long time.

I’ve always aspired to be like him and share that same work ethic he does. He was an inspiration to me, so to get to wrestle him in a WWE ring at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool was something we both enjoyed a lot. So it has been cool to catch up with him and share a workplace and call each other colleagues.

On taking a photo with Triple H after winning the belt:

He was my favorite wrestler growing up, even though others around me were ‘Stone Cold’ guys or Rock guys. I was a big Triple H fan. To have him be my boss now and get a photo with him as I have my first title in WWE is dream-come-true stuff.

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