Jordan Devlin Successfully Defends Cruiserweight Belt Against Lio Rush

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Jordan Devlin Successfully Defends Cruiserweight Belt Against Lio Rush

jordan devlin

Photo Credit: NCL via Powerslam.TV

Jordan Devlin and Lio Rush opened tonight’s episode of NXT with a bang, as the two battled it out against each other for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. In a match that showed just why both superstars were at the top of their game, Devlin came out on top, defending his title against Rush, proving that he’s every bit as ready to be a long-reigning champion in the NXT.

With the 🌎 watching and the #NXTCruiserweightTitle on the line, @itsLioRush appears ready to collect! #WWENXT

— WWE (@WWE) February 20, 2020

For a recap of how the match came to an end, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of NXT:

Rabbit kicks by Devlin. Rush tries the come up but Devlin counters it into a backbreaker for a near fall. Rush and Devlin have another strike exchange. After the break, Rush hits a tope. Rush lands a flying cross body off the top. Devlin kicks out. Devlin surprises Rush with a slingshot cutter. Rush and Devlin both hit dives to the outside. Rush lands a head kick. Rush hits the ropes and runs right into a standing Spanish fly. Devlin only gets a two count. Rush locks Devlin in the Koji clutch. Devlin gets to the ropes. Rush hits an avalanche poison ranna. Rush immediately hits the come up. Devlin manages to kick out. Rush misses the Final Hour. Headbutt by Devlin. Devlin hits the Devlin Side Suplex for the win.

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