Jonathan Gresham Wants To Help ROH Reach New Heights: ‘I Can’t Visualize Myself Anywhere Else’

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Jonathan Gresham Wants To Help ROH Reach New Heights: ‘I Can’t Visualize Myself Anywhere Else’

jonathan gresham

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Jonathan Gresham has some bold goals for his tenure in Ring Of Honor.

In a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Gresham spoke about how much he’s benefitted from his run with Ring Of Honor and said he wants to give back and push them to new heights.

“Ring of Honor has given me so much, the company itself. I would have been in a really bad place in my life if I didn’t become obsessed with Ring of Honor. So I have no loyalties to any particular person in the company, but I am…I don’t know, I wanna see Ring of Honor in a certain place,” Gresham said. “I can’t see myself leaving. I think Ring of Honor can be bigger than it’s ever been, and I really want to be a part of that. And the only way for me to do that is to stay. I can’t visualize myself anywhere else.

“I’ve been fixated on being in [Ring of Honor], I remember thinking, ‘oh man, if I can just get to Ring of Honor…’ and then I got to Ring of Honor, and I was like, ‘okay, I’m here.’ I’m tagging with Shelley, I’m tagging with Sabin, this is awesome. And I was like ‘I’m content.’ And then after a while, it was like ‘alright, I wonder what else I could do.’ And it was just like, ‘well don’t worry, just keep grinding.’ I put my nose back down, kept grinding. Next thing you know, I was wrestling Lethal. And I was like wow, I kinda looked up, looked around, ‘okay, I’m wrestling Lethal, this is cool.’ Look back down, now I’m tagging with Lethal. Every time I look up, it’s like something new has happened,” he explained, “and now I look up and it’s like wow, I never thought…of any of this.

“And so like I just want to keep putting my nose back down and grinding until I look up one day and Ring of Honor is on national television and I am a part of the rise of that. And I wanna look back down and hopefully when I look back up, I’m watching new guys do the same thing on television, I’m agenting their matches for Ring of Honor. That’s the goal.”

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