Jonah Rock (Bronson Reed) Confirms He Missed IMPACT’s Bound For Glory Due To Immigration Issues

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Jonah Rock (Bronson Reed) Confirms He Missed IMPACT’s Bound For Glory Due To Immigration Issues

bronson reed

Photo Credit: WWE

The former Bronson Reed was almost Bound For Glory.

Bronson Reed (aka Jonah Rock) recently spoke with Wrestling Inc‘s Nick Hausman and revealed that he was originally scheduled to appear at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, but visa and immigration issues ultimately caused him to miss the event.

“At the moment, it’s everything to do with immigration, so I’m not able, legally, to do anything wrestling-wise until all my immigration is sorted, but it should be sorted very soon, and I’m very happy about that,” JONAH expressed.

Jonah did not go into detail about what the appearance would have entailed but said that things are almost worked out and fans should expect to him “around some places” in November.

“It’s a complete nightmare. That’s how it works, but no issues. Everything’s pretty much set in stone now. I have a great set of lawyers, actually, helping me out. As of next week, things should be set in stone for me to be able to work places. I’m not gonna say anything, but I think November, you’ll get to see JONAH around some places.”

Immigration and visa issues have been a roadblock for a number of international performers in recent months, as The IInspiration also had similar issues before making their debut with IMPACT Wrestling. During a recent media call, The IInspiration were asked about the rumors that they were trying to originally debut at Slammiversary as well as their past comments about visa issues holding everything up this summer. Cassie Lee said they were nowhere near being ready for Slammiversary because of the legal issues, but Jessica McKay explained how they cut it close and got things done for Bound For Glory.

“I want to say it was cutting it close, I’ll be honest,” said McKay. “It was weeks and then everything was finalized, so we were hoping it was Bound For Glory, and we were praying, and I’m so glad that that worked out. But there was a couple of times where I was like struggling to figure out a timeline.

“But thank goodness it’s all done and sorted. Like Cass said, our agent came in and just absolutely saved us. And now we’re gonna be at Bound For Glory, biggest show of the year, you know, sold-our arena, tag team championship match, you know, it’s all coming together, coming up roses.”

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