Jon Moxley: WWE Can Get New Stars Over, It Just Needs To ‘Follow Through’ With Pushes

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Jon Moxley: WWE Can Get New Stars Over, It Just Needs To ‘Follow Through’ With Pushes

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley has established himself as one of the premier talents in professional wrestling, as he has launched himself to the main stage of All Elite Wrestling. Long before this successful run, he was a young talent who famously debuted in WWE alongside two other prospects, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, as The Shield.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro about WWE, Moxley said he believes that another group similar to The Shield can be found, but it’s going to take a lot of work and some faith on the company’s part.

“Anything could work,” Moxley said. “I mean, it’s different because you’re a known commodity on NXT now, whereas when we came in we were complete nobodies. So, there’s a benefit to that. On the one hand, nobody knows who you are, but on the other hand, you have a completely fresh slate, you’re a complete mystery. You can come right in and starting whooping whoever’s ass you want!”

Obviously, Moxley, Reigns, and Rollins are no longer nobodies; all three en have risen to the top of their respective companies at one point or another. Still, WWE will eventually need to find new stars to build up, and Moxley believes that WWE needs to properly push young talents to work.

“The problem is – it doesn’t matter if they’re on NXT,” said Moxley. “If people know who they are or they don’t. If somebody’s getting over, you’re giving them the opportunity to get over, you’ve gotta actually follow through on pushing a guy or girl. It doesn’t really matter where they came from! That could definitely happen again, it’s just they gotta follow through with it all the way!”

Moxley’s comments echo a common sentiment about WWE, as many fans continue to argue that the company is still struggling to find its next top star.

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