Jon Moxley Shares His Cherished History With The Late Brodie Lee

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Jon Moxley Shares His Cherished History With The Late Brodie Lee

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Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Jon Moxley has a one-of-a-kind history with the late Brodie Lee who passed away on December 26. The entire wrestling world still hurts greatly from such a devastating loss and stars from all promotions and all eras came out to share their unique story of what the big man from Rochester, NY meant to them. Moxley took some time to speak with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and the former AEW Champion gives details as to how he and The Exalted Lee first tied up in the wrestling business.

“The first night we wrestled each other, we shared a hotel room together later that night,” says Moxley. “That was over a decade ago. He was an incredible person. While so many of us would be all hot about some wrestling angle, he would find a way to turn negatives into a positive or an inside joke. He was the exact person you wanted in the locker room. I was so glad to be around him again in AEW.

“And we wrestled so many times. Whether it was on the indies, in The Shield–Wyatt war, six-mans on house shows and European tours, it felt like we were always together. When Tony Khan asked me about Brodie in AEW, I said, ‘Hell yeah, I want that match.’ We could wrestle each other in our sleep. He was so f—— good.”

Mox later spoke on Brodie being a passionate family man.

“He wasn’t interested in being famous,” says Moxley. “This is a guy you would not see at an afterparty. As soon as he was done with work, he was going home to his family as soon as possible. He was so proud to be a father and a husband. He loved wrestling and he was great at it, but it was his job. He was lucky enough to love his vocation, but his most important role in life was as a father and a husband.”

“I’m grateful I got to spend so much time with him, from the time we first met on the indies,” says Moxley. “I’ll always picture him with that smile on his face. I still can’t wrap my brain around this. I don’t understand why the best people are the ones taken away so early.”

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