Jon Moxley Says Kenny Omega ‘Can’t Build An Exploding Ring Worth A Shit’, Tony Khan Says We’re Lucky It Was A Dud

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Jon Moxley Says Kenny Omega ‘Can’t Build An Exploding Ring Worth A Shit’, Tony Khan Says We’re Lucky It Was A Dud

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The exploding barbed wire death match at AEW Revolution went off as planned, according to AEW’s Tony Khan.

The main event of the pay-per-view saw Kenny Omega beat Jon Moxley (with help, since the Good Brothers gave an assist), and the trio ended up handcuffing Moxley and leaving him in the ring as the countdown was set to expire. Eddie Kingston came out and tried to save him, then saw the timer expiring so he covered his friend to try and protect him.

The clock hit zero and a few brief puffs of smoke and pyro went off, but it was certainly not the exploding ring some were expecting. Moxley first addressed the ending in a post-match promo, caught by some fans and released by AEW on social media. Moxley put over Omega as a “tough son of a bitch”, but added that he “can’t build an exploding ring worth a shit.”

Later on the Revolution post-show media call, Tony Khan was asked about the explosion not going according to plan, and he explained it as if the ending we got is what was supposed to happen. Khan said there were no serious injuries in the match and it was a great spectacle, but “maybe we’re all lucky” that the bomb going off at the end didn’t do the damage as intended. Khan added that Kenny built a dud and jokingly asked “who would’ve thought that when he drew up his big plan with crayons” that it might fail.

Khan was asked a separate time about the explosion and he said they couldn’t really make the ring explode and need both Mox and Omega. He added that most fans that bought the PPV are likely to already watch Dynamite, but they’ll surely follow through and explain the kayfabe story if people didn’t see the social media content on Sunday.

.@JonMoxley didn’t regain the belt tonight but he regained a friend in Eddie Kingston! King came to save Mox from the final blast, which wasn’t enough to keep Mox & Eddie down for good!
“Kenny Omega may be a tough son of a b____, but he can’t make an exploding ring worth a s___!”

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 8, 2021