Jon Moxley On Winning The AEW World Championship

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Jon Moxley On Winning The AEW World Championship

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

After Jon Moxley won the AEW World Championship at All Elite Wrestling Revolution, the new champion spoke to the media. He reflected on the victory and discussed his potential challengers.

“That feeling of satisfaction, a piece of work, and that artistic satisfaction, eight weeks of beginning to end, a piece of work, it’s so satisfying,” said Moxley. “It’s why we do this.”

Moxley said he plans to take on all challengers, but he’s had a hard time finding opponents. He even opened the door to a potential match with Cody Rhodes. “I’m not gonna live in a world where ‘Oh, you’ve beaten everybody except for Cody,’ because he had that thing with MJF and all that,” said Moxley. “Well, if he feels like he can beat me, he better damn sure expect to get in the ring with me, and we’re gonna waive the little rule. If he thinks he can beat me, I insist he give it a try.”

Moxley also said he wants to give the fans legitimate professional wrestling. “Let’s bring pro wrestling back, pro wrestling that you grew up on,” said Moxley. “Not crap, not sports entertainment, not scripted, canned horsecrap, pro wrestling. I’m telling you, it works. It’s like mac ‘n’ cheese, it always works. It’s always good and we brought that back to the people.”

Lastly, Moxley praised All Elite Wrestling. “This is the best place in the United States,” said Moxley.“This is the major league of professional wrestling. This is where it’s at. This is pro wrestling and this is the championship in pro wrestling now.”

The full scrum is available below:

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