Jon Moxley On Eddie Kingston: ‘I’m Going To Have To Beat Some F—ing Sense Into Him’

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Jon Moxley On Eddie Kingston: ‘I’m Going To Have To Beat Some F—ing Sense Into Him’

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley recently spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider and discussed his upcoming title match with Eddie Kingston. Moxley described Kingston’s run with All Elite Wrestling as an example of how wrestling works in 2020. “‘You have to be able to change on the fly and pivot real quickly,'” said Moxley via Fishman. “”For him to be in the TV main event on a few hours notice and parlay that into a pay-per-view main event is really cool. He was in that position because he got himself over.'”

Moxley said that he knew Kingston would run with this opportunity as soon as he got it. He also shared that he wanted to have Kingston join the AEW locker room because they’ve been friends for a while. “‘I wanted him to be in the locker room because here is a guy I kept in touch with over text messages and as much as I keep in touch with people,'” said Moxley via Fishman. “‘As I knew him, he was a guy who would never change and wasn’t fake. I have to be around straight-up regular dudes. I haven’t seen him in years. Within five minutes, it felt like I saw him yesterday. That’s what I appreciate about him.'”

The AEW Champion also said that their on-screen feud plays off of some real-life frustration on Kingston’s part. “He is projecting all that anger and frustration out on me,'” said Moxley via Fishman. “Dude, that isn’t my f—ing problem. No matter what anybody says about you or what you did, I was ride-or-die with you. Now you’re going to turn around and act like this. Throw that s— in my face? That isn’t going to go like that. I’m going to have to beat some f—ing sense into him.'”

Finally, Moxley stated that his match with Kingston will go one of two ways. “‘…[It will end with him] admitting that he was wrong and reverting back to my friend or I beat him and beat him and put him out of wrestling,” said Moxley via Fishman. “‘I prefer the former.'”

In closing, the champion said it’s his responsibility to fix this volatile situation. “I’m the sheriff around here,'” said Moxley via Fishman. “‘It’s my job to clean up the town, so I have to take out the trash. Either I get my friend back or have to kick him out.'”

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