Jon Moxley: ‘I Don’t Have Any Aspirations To Take Over Hollywood’

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Jon Moxley: ‘I Don’t Have Any Aspirations To Take Over Hollywood’

jon moxley

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

AEW Champion Jon Moxley recently spoke with “The Doctor” Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report. In the interview, Moxley discussed various topics, including the highlights of his run with AEW to his acting career. He described that, while he’s trying to get into acting, he won’t sacrifice his wrestling career to do it. “‘I like wrestling the most,'” said Moxley via Mueller. “‘I don’t have any aspirations to take over Hollywood or be the next Rock or John Cena. That being said, if Marvel called and said “Do you want to be in the next Avengers or be Batman,” I would be like “Hell yeah, sign me up.” It’s fun, it’s a challenge and it’s a different craft. Unless it was some huge once–in–a–lifetime opportunity, if you offer me a role that requires me to take nine months off where I can’t wrestle, I am not going to do it.'”

Moxley also described how he was trained to thrive in an environment where the wrestler’s focus is on the fans in the farthest seats rather than the ones watching on television. “‘I was trained in the Thatcher way,'” said Moxley via Mueller. “It was old school. You over exaggerate and play to the last fan in the cheap seats. Now, everybody is in the cheap seats, so that training paid off. I am more worried about the people in the cheap seats than I am about the camera because they bought tickets and came with their family. It’s important to me that they have a good show.'”

The AEW Champion also described how he likes working with AEW’s young stars because they help him look at wrestling in a new light. He says that AEW has a diverse range of talent, from icons like Chris Jericho, to wrestlers who are at the peak of their career. Moxley said this mixture opens up countless possibilities and match-ups.

Moxley also described why he still loves wrestling, even after he’s attained superstardom. “‘I love that feeling after a match of being totally drained and exhausted and being fulfilled creatively,'” said Moxley via Mueller. “‘That’s why I do this at this point. I’m blessed to be able to make a living, but I don’t do this for money. My goal is not to get more famous. I’ve had a taste of fame and I could take it or leave it. I do this for that feeling at the end of the night when I am all bloody and sweaty thinking, “That was awesome.” That adrenaline rush of being on live TV, telling a story and feeling the fans going on a ride with you is why I do it.'”

The AEW Champion said he doesn’t know what his future holds. He shared that he could see himself becoming a producer, but he can also envision himself walking away from the business entirely when all is said and done.

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