Jon Moxley Had ‘All The Faith In The World’ In His Feud With Eddie Kingston, Calls It An Effortless Story

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Jon Moxley Had ‘All The Faith In The World’ In His Feud With Eddie Kingston, Calls It An Effortless Story

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley successfully defended his title against Eddie Kingston at AEW Full Gear. After the show, Moxley participated in a media scrum, where he discussed his feud with Kingston, his upcoming rematch with Kenny Omega and more. Here are some highlights:

On his feud with Kingston:

Moxley: “I don’t know, maybe everybody hated it, but I thought it was f—— awesome. The whole thing with Eddie has been really awesome. I guess I can say good things about him now because our issue, our beef is squashed for the moment. The way this all came about was kind of, you know, Lance [Archer], I get called at 2:30 in the afternoon [on the] day of Dynamite, I had a whole other set of plans for Lance and ideas I had pitched that was gonna go in a whole different direction. And get two calls, Lance tested positive. Son of a b—-. Every week, somebody’s got COVID.”

“‘So what do you think about you and Eddie’ Hm, interesting. Jump right into this….. It just made perfect sense. I think we can, I’m telling you dude, we can do me and Eddie, you know, he’s kind of new, he hasn’t had a big name on a big stage for very long. I was like, I know this f—— guy, I know me and Eddie can sell, in four weeks, I know we can. I just had all the faith in the world.”

“Whatever Tony’s put in front of me, whether it’s, every single title defense I’ve had, whoever he wants me to work with, I work that person and do my absolute best to get them over and make them better than they came in with. The thing with Eddie, I was like, hey man, I think we can do this. And Tony’s like, ‘Let’s do it.’ And we’re talking about it, it’s so easy.”

“It was like effortless because, I mean, you’ve got to think about it and get into the mindset, but if I know the story and you know the story and we become that person, we just go out there and talk and sell it, and I absolutely knew we could. And it just worked out great.”

On facing Kenny Omega:

Moxley: “Obviously, he’s one of the best in the world, and sharing the ring with a guy that good is always awesome. It’ll be a whole new thing that will be a whole different set of circumstances than the last time we had a rivalry together. Now we’re in completely different places as characters, as wrestlers, and it’ll be a whole new thing.”

On remaining committed to AEW during challenging circumstances:

From the get go, no pressure whatsoever like dude I’d you wanna come that’d be great. But if you, pandemic whatever, you know, and I was like I’m with you, I’m 100 percent with you, I’m ride or die with you, let’s do this. Because it’s vital to the industry that AEW be a success for the whole industry.”

The full scrum is available here:

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