Jon Moxley: ‘G1 Climax 29 Was The Most Difficult Series In My Career’

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Jon Moxley: ‘G1 Climax 29 Was The Most Difficult Series In My Career’jon moxley

Jon Moxley recently did an interview with the official NJPW website and you can see some of the highlights from that interview below.

On participating in the G1 Climax Series:

To be honest, “G1 CLIMAX 29” was personally the most difficult series in my career. There were no moments when the harshness eased. “G1” doesn’t allow you to do your best today and let’s get a little off tomorrow. I’ll always run through for 4 or 5 weeks. Every player has made a violent attack to drive me out of New Japan and G1. They wanted to get fame by defeating me. So I felt like I was carrying a big target behind me during the G1 period. That’s why I tried to fight hard from me before they got ready for war.

On his favorite moment in the series:

The first main event in Japan was (September 5) when I fought Tomohiro Ishii (Tomohiro Ishii) in Korakuen Hall. It was my first Korakuen Hall tournament for me, and I felt some kind of pressure to fight the main event at that historic venue. If it was a big failure in that match, the subsequent G1 match would not have worked. It was the first main event that showed its true ability and won the game. That was really important to me.

On Ishii being his opponent:

Ishii was really the perfect opponent for me. In the first place, I hate to bring strange tricks, gimmicks, and other guys into the game. I hate playing with each other! I just want to fight in a simple 1vs1. On the ring, one of them will fall down, whichever will fight faster. Even though it ’s such a place, I don’t want to think about intrusion from outside or a little bit.

Check out the full interview here.

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