Jon Moxley expresses admiration for Bryan Danielson, while Matt Cardona expresses desire to confront John Cena

Jon Moxley expresses admiration for Bryan Danielson, while Matt Cardona expresses desire to confront John Cena
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On a recent edition of the “Bleav Pro Wrestling” podcast, Jon Moxley lavished praise on Bryan Danielson, commending his AEW colleague for his talent and commitment to genuine performances and providing a candid experience for the audience. He said,

“Bryan, I consider maybe just the greatest pro wrestler that ever lived. Which is a very humbling thing that I get to say that, I get to be tag partners with him and work with him. To have somebody like that on your side, to bounce ideas off of it to play that Regal role and tell you this sucks or whatever, or change that, that’s an immense tool, that I don’t take for granted, that I have in my toolbox that I get to pick his brain. Bryan is like the greatest pure pro wrestler of all time. If you just picked him up and stuck him in any ring of the world, whether it be in the parking lot of an auto parts store in Tijuana, or the Tokyo Dome, or the main event of WrestleMania, or AEW Dynamite, you put him in any ring against any opponent with no context whatsoever and just ring the bell. Anybody watching, he will suck into that match and they’ll feel like they’re watching a real struggle and he just completely sucked into this match for the duration of it against anybody anywhere, anytime. He’s just the most perfect pure wrestler that’s ever lived. I’ve taken a great deal of influence from him, as I’m sure many pro wrestlers have.”


On a recent edition of the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast, Matt Cardona stated that he would like to seek revenge against John Cena after returning to WWE.

Cardona has teased a potential WWE return since the beginning of the year ever since his wife Chelsea Green re-signed with the company. He said,

“I think John Cena is the man. I have nothing but respect and love for John. People ask me all the time, ‘Are you coming to WWE?’ I don’t know. But if I did, I’d want to lay out John Cena. Like you just said, it’s because of John Cena, I got pushed off the stage in a wheelchair. It’s because of John Cena I got kicked in the nuts at WrestleMania. So John Cena, if you’re watching this, I can see you. That’s all that matters. I can see him.”

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In the world of professional wrestling, there are few names that command as much respect and admiration as Bryan Danielson. Known for his incredible talent and commitment to delivering genuine performances, Danielson has earned praise from his peers and fans alike. Recently, fellow wrestler Jon Moxley spoke highly of Danielson on the “Bleav Pro Wrestling” podcast, calling him “the greatest pro wrestler that ever lived.”

Moxley’s admiration for Danielson is evident in his words. He describes the privilege of working with Danielson and having him as a tag team partner. Moxley recognizes the value of having someone like Danielson to bounce ideas off of and receive honest feedback. He refers to Danielson as the “Regal role,” someone who can provide constructive criticism and help improve the quality of a match. Moxley considers this an immense tool that he doesn’t take for granted.

According to Moxley, Danielson is the epitome of a pure pro wrestler. He believes that if you were to place Danielson in any ring, against any opponent, without any context, he would captivate the audience and make them feel like they’re witnessing a real struggle. Moxley emphasizes that Danielson’s ability to draw viewers into a match is unparalleled. He describes him as the most perfect pure wrestler to have ever lived.

Moxley also acknowledges the influence that Danielson has had on his own career, stating that he has taken a great deal of inspiration from him. He believes that many other professional wrestlers have also been influenced by Danielson’s talent and skill.

The high praise from Moxley is a testament to Danielson’s impact on the wrestling industry. Throughout his career, Danielson has consistently delivered exceptional performances and showcased his technical prowess in the ring. His dedication to his craft and commitment to providing an authentic experience for the audience have made him a beloved figure in the wrestling community.

In addition to Moxley’s comments, another wrestler, Matt Cardona, has expressed his desire to seek revenge against John Cena upon his potential return to WWE. Cardona, who has been teasing a WWE comeback since his wife Chelsea Green re-signed with the company, holds Cena responsible for some past incidents during his wrestling career.

Cardona recalls being pushed off the stage in a wheelchair and being kicked in the groin at WrestleMania, both incidents involving Cena. While Cardona acknowledges his respect and admiration for Cena, he expresses a desire to lay out Cena if he were to return to WWE.

These comments from Cardona add an interesting dynamic to the wrestling landscape, as fans speculate on the possibility of his return and a potential confrontation with Cena.

For fans of professional wrestling, these interviews provide insight into the thoughts and aspirations of two prominent wrestlers. The admiration for Bryan Danielson and the desire for revenge against John Cena showcase the passion and intensity that drives these athletes in their careers.

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