Jon Moxley Discusses AEW’s Emphasis on Grit and Authenticity in Wrestling

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Jesse and Anna on B.105 recently interviewed AEW International Champion Jon Moxley to promote tonight’s AEW Dynamite in Cincinnati, Ohio.

During it, Moxley noted that wrestling can be a violent sport while AEW is a family-friendly event.


“It’s a family-friendly event. You can bring children, bring Grandma, but it is a very physical and violent sport. This particular main event is going to get very ugly. If the last wrestling you’ve seen on TV is some kind of hokey cartoonish buffoonery kind of thing years ago on the teleivsion, this is not that. Pro wrestling in 2023 has evolved to something much different than people even think it is now that aren’t familiar with it. If you like sports, drama, and violence, this is a very gritty wrestling show at times. A lot of times, it’s more like watching The Wire than watching what you think is a pro wrestling show. That’s what it’s going to be on Wednesday. It’s not jokes. A lot is on the line, championship gold, people’s health, people’s future and legacy. It’s a hell of a dramatic night.”

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AEW International Champion Jon Moxley recently sat down for an interview with Jesse and Anna on B.105 to promote the upcoming AEW Dynamite event in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the interview, Moxley discussed the unique blend of violence and family-friendly entertainment that AEW offers.

Moxley emphasized that while AEW is a family-friendly event where people of all ages can attend, wrestling itself can be a violent sport. He wanted to make it clear that AEW is not the “hokey cartoonish buffoonery” that some may associate with wrestling from years ago. Instead, he described AEW as a gritty wrestling show that combines elements of sports, drama, and violence.

According to Moxley, AEW has evolved into something much different than what people may think if they are not familiar with the current state of professional wrestling. He compared watching AEW to watching a show like “The Wire,” highlighting the intense and dramatic nature of the matches and storylines. Moxley also mentioned that there is a lot at stake in AEW, including championship gold, people’s health, and their future and legacy in the industry.

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In conclusion, Jon Moxley’s interview shed light on the unique blend of violence and family-friendly entertainment that AEW offers. He emphasized that AEW is not the wrestling of the past but a gritty and dramatic show that appeals to fans who enjoy sports, drama, and violence. With championship gold and legacies on the line, AEW promises an intense and captivating experience for both new and longtime wrestling fans.