Jon Moxley ‘Destined’ To Clash With Darby Allin Again, Says Chris Jericho ‘Ain’t Going To F*ck With Me’

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Jon Moxley ‘Destined’ To Clash With Darby Allin Again, Says Chris Jericho ‘Ain’t Going To F*ck With Me’

Jon Moxley likes the unpredictable nature of All Elite Wrestling and says it’s likely we see him face off with Darby Allin again, but doesn’t think Chris Jericho wants any part of him.

Moxley spoke with Wrestlezone and 101WKQX host Kevin Kellam this morning while promoting tomorrow night’s AEW Dynamite taping in Chicago. He spoke to Kellam about the AEW roster and says Darby Allin is a guy that he can see himself facing off with again, and went on to praise the jaw-dropping work of the talent we see on TNT each week.

“Darby Allin. I wrestled him the other week, I’m a big fan of him. I think he’s just cool. I love that he just doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks about anything,” Moxley said. “I love that. I think me and him are destined to have a few more clashes down the line. The whole roster of AEW is just so impressive just the athletes they are, some of the things they can do physically. I was watching Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson the other night and after the fifth jaw-dropping, amazing thing they do, you just go ‘OK, come on! Fuck you, I’ve got to follow that dude!’”

Kellam asked who Moxley had his eye on next, noting that he has a chance to antagonize a lot of people on the roster. Moxley said there’s a lot on the table as far as the ‘fantasy booking’ aspect goes, and said it’s a cool feeling to know that anything can happen with AEW. Kellam noted his guest tomorrow would be Chris Jericho, and asked if there’s a time and place they meet for the title down the line. Moxley started by praising Le Champion, even saying Jericho is on the brink of being an all-timers, but his words would ultimately serving as a warning more than just a compliment.

“Chris Jericho is a very, very smart man, one of the smartest guys in the business. That’s why he’s been at the top of this industry for so long. He’s drifting towards being the legitimate Greatest Of All Time,” Moxley said, “so what I mean by that is Jericho ain’t dumb. He ain’t going to fuck with me.”

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