JoJo Offerman Shares Her Condition Following the Demise of Bray Wyatt

JoJo Offerman Shares Her Condition Following the Demise of Bray Wyatt
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On a recent episode of the “Going Ringside” podcast, JoJo Offerman, the surviving partner of the late Bray Wyatt, discussed several subjects.

Offerman shared that she is primarily focused on her personal life and no longer considers herself as part of the professional wrestling world in this phase of her life.

She also discussed her experiences and feelings after the loss of her fiancé.

Below are some highlighted points from the podcast:

Discussing her feelings following the death of Bray Wyatt, Offerman said, “It’s been a roller-coaster. The most honest answer I can give is that it’s a day-by-day journey. Both good days and bad days are part of it. It’s usually challenging, but the joint strength and unique love that Windham and I shared keeps me moving forward. The life we built together in our home and with our family gives me the strength to remain strong for him.”

When asked about her professional engagement with wrestling, Offerman said, “Currently, I’m not a part of the industry. I’ve just been participating in a few conventions sporadically, just keeping my name alive. I make appearances, primarily, to provide a personal platform for people to show their support. I believe that seeing me in person has been healing for many people.”

You can check out the full episode of “Going Ringside Ep. 70: JoJo Offerman, Bray Wyatt’s fiancée” featuring these conversations .

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