Johnny Gargano: ‘The NXT I Love And Built Is Gone’

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Johnny Gargano: ‘The NXT I Love And Built Is Gone’

Johnny Gargano

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ever since Johnny Gargano took down Tommaso Ciampa with the help of Candice LeRae, he has vowed to take down the rest of NXT and rebuild it in his image. In a recent interview with The Sun, Gargano talked about doing just that, as well as how the NXT he helped build is no longer there.

When asked about the state of NXT, Gargano held back nothing, taking shots at various superstars as he explained how the company has changed.

“Tommaso Ciampa actually said on television that I was the better man, which is great, that’s what we wanted and we are done with Tommaso now,” he said. “But it goes so much deeper than just Tommaso Ciampa – he was kind of the focal point of it.”

Gargano continued, saying that the way certain superstars are treated by the fans isn’t fair. “The way they treated Tommaso, after everything I’d been through with him, the way he was a huge monster to the NXT audience but the way they cheered for him and welcomed him back with open arms. People in NXT proudly wear Undisputed Era shirts, they talk about Tommaso Ciampa being a great guy and chant ‘Daddy’s Home’ at him.”

Gargano also touched on the fact that both Io Shirai and Finn Balor – two people who attacked both LeRae and himself – are now beloved by the fans,” he said. “They say Io Shirai and Finn Balor are so much cooler now but people forget… They liked Io, but when she turned her back on Candice they were like ‘she’s great now’ when she became a bad person. Finn Balor kicked me in the head, ‘Oh Finn is so much cooler now’ – that goes to say something about society and NXT fans.”

Gargano finished things off by saying that while he is proud of what he’s helped build at NXT, it isn’t the same anymore.

“I’m incredibly proud of NXT and what I’ve built, but the NXT I love and built is gone, it’s long gone. The fans got rid of it, they turned into horrible people,” he said. “Me and Candice never changed but we realised we need to stop worrying about what the fans want and making people happy, because at the end of the day those people are not going to be there for us. Those people weren’t in the hospital with us when those people they think are ‘cool’ turned their backs on us. They weren’t there, but do you know who was, I was there for her and she was there for me.”

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