Johnny Gargano Supports Moving Main Roster Stars To NXT, Names His Wish List

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Johnny Gargano Supports Moving Main Roster Stars To NXT, Names His Wish List

johnny gargano

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

On a recent Busted Open Radio appearance, Johnny Gargano was asked what he thought about RAW and SmackDown superstars making the move to NXT. Typically superstars are moved up from NXT to the main roster but there have been very few instances where a superstar has been moved from the main roster down to NXT. The latest example of this is Mandy Rose.

Gargano is supportive of this move. He said “I think I would absolutely love that. I think NXT works best, and this is obviously my opinion, I think NXT is a third brand. I think you should be able to send guys from NXT to RAW and Smackdown. You should be able to send guys from RAW and Smackdown to NXT. You brought up a guy like Cesaro. Trust me, we would love to have Cesaro. I think the dream matches you could get with Cesaro in NXT, they’re amazing. Cesaro is one of them.”

Johnny gave some examples of superstars he would like to see make the move, therefore giving him the opportunity to work with them. Johnny said, “Obviously there’s a lot of guys that I’d like to work with as well, that I haven’t had the chance to yet. Guys like AJ Styles, guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan was another guy on my list. Those three are the ones I get when I’m asked who I’d like to be in the ring with. So I would love if we’d start sending some guys to NXT. Who knows? I think Johnny Gargano vs. Cesaro on a TakeOver would be pretty wild.”

Gargano believes that one of the main reasons NXT is so successful is the large number of veterans working behind the scenes that are always open to talking about new ideas. Johnny said, “So my go to guy is Shawn Michaels. For my money, Shawn Michaels is the best to ever do it. And to have the best to ever do it in my back pocket, to where if I’m like ‘I’ve got to come up with something here.’ To be able to send him a text and go ‘hey Shawn, what do you think about this?’ To be able to bounce ideas off him. Obviously Hunter is one of my go to guys as well. And that speaks to what NXT is though. To be able to just go up to Hunter, the boss, the guy who makes the decisions at the end of the day and say like ‘okay, what are we thinking here?’ That’s what makes the product so good.”

You can listen to the interview below courtesy of Busted Open Radio. The transcriptions were provided by Wrestling Inc.

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