Johnny Gargano Defeats Leon Ruff, Retains NXT North American Title

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Johnny Gargano Defeats Leon Ruff, Retains NXT North American Title

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s episode of NXT ended with a huge championship match between Johnny Gargano and Leon Ruff, with Ruff attempting to take down Gargano once again to reclaim the NXT North American Championship. Unfortunately for Ruff, he was unable to take down Gargano, and the champion once again retained his title in a huge win.

Towards the end of the match, Ruff looked poised to lose in a big way, but was able to consistently kick out of a variety of moves from Gargano, including a huge powerbomb. After managing to get out of the ring after escaping a Gargano Escape attempt, Ruff then hit a leaping cutter on Gargano, followed by a huge frog splash that nearly won him the match. With Gargano still down, Ruff climbed to the top rope to try and end things again, but Gargano was able to grab Ruff and drop him face first into the ring post from there. Gargano then landed the One Final Beat on Ruff to win the match and retain his title.

Did we just step Into the Spiderverse? 🕷 #WWENXT #NXTNATitle @JohnnyGargano @LEONRUFF_

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) December 31, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Ruff ducks a basement superkick but Gargano just lands another as soon as Ruff sits up. Gargano obliterates Ruff with a discus clothesline. Gargano follows that with a powerbomb. Ruff kicks out. Gargano puts Ruff in the Gargano Escape. Ruff gets to the ropes. Gargano kicks Ruff out of the ring. Gargano tries to lawn dart Ruff into a steel post. Ruff escapes and hits a leaping cutter. Ruff hits a frog splash for a near fall. Ruff tries a top rope ranna. Gargano drops down and slams Ruff’s face into the ring post. Gargano hits One final Beat for the win.

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