John Skyler Thanks Tony Khan For Helping Him Financially During The Pandemic

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John Skyler suffered a torn ACL during a June 20th match on AEW Dark, but thanks to AEW President Tony Khan, Skyler didn’t have to worry about his rehab or finances.

Taking to Twitter, Skyler revealed that Khan helped him recover from injury during the pandemic. The Impact Wrestling talent noted how Khan’s AEW took care of him during that difficult period and helped him find a surgeon close to his address, despite the fact that he wasn’t under contract. In fact, AEW also allowed Skyler to rehab with their doctors.


Recently, Khan sponsored Mark Davis’ surgery after the Aussie Open member suffered a serious injury. Skyler tweeted,

“Tony is a fantastic human with a huge heart. This always gets misconstrued so I’d like to clarify so there is no confusion.

I got hurt. Tony paid me every week I was hurt during a pandemic. When he didn’t have to. It was a time when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills.

So Tony’s kindness was what kept me a-float during uncertain times.

I have health insurance. I was able to pay for my surgery. Tony and his team made sure my surgery wasn’t going to be an issue, and even consulted with me to find a world renowned surgeon near my hometown.

Tony and the AEW medical staff allowed me (non-contracted at the time) to also rehab with their doctors. Another huge blessing in a time of need.

I wouldn’t have made it through those times/global shutdown without Tony and his ENTIRE MEDICAL team.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion.”

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