John Silver On AEW’s Next Breakout Star: The First Name I’d Have To Say Is John Skyler

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John Silver On AEW’s Next Breakout Star: The First Name I’d Have To Say Is John Skyler

john silver

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

A name to watch in AEW, this year is John Skyler, according to The Dark Order‘s John Silver.

The 29-year old AEW star had nothing but great things to say about his former AEW Dark opponent, John Skyler. Silver touted the independent star when speaking with Inside The Ropes.

When asked about who he views as a potential breakout star in 2021, Silver wasted no time in making his decision.

“The first one that comes to mind is John Skyler. Most people don’t know this but when I wrestled Skyler on Dark, that wasn’t supposed to be the match. It was supposed to be myself and Alex [Reynolds] versus John Skyler and the wrestler, an independent legend, B-Boy. So right in the beginning of the match B-Boy actually tore his Achilles, so the match stopped and they decided to put me and Skyler in a match with obviously very little preparation. We just kind of went out there, we did the match and everything he did was great. I think the match went very well. He’s also been around a long time, so I’ve been on shows with him on the indies.”

“But to be prepared for a match and have an injury happen, unfortunately, and then have it switched and still be ready to go is a great attitude to have. I think the first name I’d say is Skyler, but I gotta also mention my buddies who we’ve wrestled, and I feel bad sometimes because we just beat them up, VSK. I gotta say VSK, Eric James and I gotta say Milk Chocolate [Brandon Watts and Randy Summers] as well.”

Silver would go on to explain why Griff Garrison is a ‘weirdo’ as well as several other topics.
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