John Oliver Calls Out WWE, AEW & UFC’s ‘Fight Island’ On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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John Oliver Calls Out WWE, AEW & UFC’s ‘Fight Island’ On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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John Oliver has once more made a run-in to address the live combat sports tapings that are currently going down in the state of Florida. On his most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver reintroduces WWE into his criticism by stating the fact that they are still running shows during a pandemic, tying AEW and UFC into the conversation as well.

Oliver runs through WWE’s handling of the situation and does mention the anonymous “John” report of an employee going to a Florida county commissioner in an effort to shut the tapings down. Oliver cracks jokes about Vince McMahon’s recent earnings call and ties it into an ongoing bit about having an obsession with Star Wars actor, Adam Driver.

Oliver then does mention that AEW are also running shows in Florida as well as the UFC. He then takes the opportunity to joke about Fight Island and conjures up some alternative nicknames. You can watch the entire clip below:

WWE, AEW & UFC were mentioned on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver from SquaredCircle

Oliver has previously caused some mainstream chatter about WWE as he criticized the company for continuing to run shows in Saudi Arabia as well as their handling of talent, regarding them as independent contractors.

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