John Morrison Shoots on replacing Chris Benoit Wrestling Shoot Interview

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John Morrison shoots on replacing Chris Benoit. Wrestling Shoot interview.
In this Wrestling Shoots video John Morrison talks about replacing Chris Benoit at Vengeance: Night of Champions.

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That is one more fantastic wrestling! um literally love no one knew why chris wasn't there that night and so um i became i became there i became in the placement of job and um i non-public any individual informed laurinitis that benoit wasn't there.

And um he's love oh rattling what are we gonna create and on the time i became love about johnny nitro huh and um literally love he became love he laughed at for a 2nd and then uh looked at me he's love properly you and thorne are the finest other heels from the ecw roster.

And um and then literally when chris didn't demonstrate up love they made up our minds to avoid losing me in as his substitute and um i could well no longer had been happier no one knew on the time why chris didn't demonstrate up and um you know then the next day we we stumbled on.

Out why and love everyone they broke down and started crying love we knew benoit we knew we knew his family they're extraordinarily fantastic of us and to this day it's one thing that everyone thinks about that's alive to and knew these of us and is highly complex.

It's laborious to gape him for me too it brings aid uh it brings aid deal of recollections of him and his family and uh the man that i knew and the uh spoil the feature the fact of what took situation.

Um i don't perceive it's laborious to it's laborious to claim how any individual's going to in reality feel in the long term for me now it's laborious to gape them though okay you
That is the clever wrestler ever%sentence_ending

John Morrison Shoots on replacing Chris Benoit Wrestling Shoot Interview

John Morrison Shoots on replacing Chris Benoit Wrestling Shoot Interview