John Morrison Says WrestleMania Still Had A Buzz Backstage, Talks ‘Tiger King’

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John Morrison Says WrestleMania Still Had A Buzz Backstage, Talks ‘Tiger King’

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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Muscle & Fitness caught up with WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion John Morrison before he competes at WrestleMania 36. He discussed the taping, what he’s been watching on TV, and how to stay in shape without going to the gym.

Check out highlights below:

On WrestleMania not having fans this year:

I mean, yeah, the atmosphere is a little bit different than an arena full of 100,000 people, but it’s still WrestleMania. It still has this vibe, it still feels like the most important show of the year. It still had that buzz backstage.

What he’s watching on TV:

I feel like I’ve watched every single action comedy movie out there, so now I feel like I’ve been just looking for good stories that I take longer [to watch]… We’re watching Dave, the Lil Dickie show on FX. It’s new. It’s a good one… Tiger King, I’m on episode five. Yeah, fascinating. In another life, that guy [Joe Exotic] could’ve been a wrestler.

How people can stay in shape:

If you have any cardio equipment, get up on the cardio equipment. If you don’t, you could jump rope. You could do DDP yoga. There’s a million different kinds of home workout type things you can do. My daily routine is some sort of resistance training… I mean obviously no one’s got like a full array of Hammer Strength equipment in their house. But there’s a lot of stuff you can do with pushups and using your body and leverage to change the resistance on your muscle groups. Different kinds of pushups and sit ups. If you have anything to hang off, body weight, mid rows, pull-ups. Squat variations, lunges… Broken up in the small chunks throughout the day is what I’ve been recommending to people.

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