John Morrison Retains Tag Belts In Wild WrestleMania 36 Ladder Match

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John Morrison Retains Tag Belts In Wild WrestleMania 36 Ladder Match

Johnny Impact

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, and Jimmy Uso all entered the ring at WrestleMania 36 with a chance to claim the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships for their respective teams. What followed was a wild and incredible match that saw Morrison retain the belts in crazy fashion.

Jimmy @WWEUsos just risked it ALL for the #SmackDown #TagTeamTitles, and @TheRealMorrison made him pay! #WrestleMania

— WWE (@WWE) April 5, 2020

From the start of the match, all three superstars were very obviously going all out, doing any and everything possible to try and come away with a win. Kofi specifically looked poised to win during a handful of moments, but Uso kept him at bay each and every time. Late in the match, all three superstars found themselves on the ladder, and in a surprising twist, all three pulled the belts and hook off at the same time. With all three pulling at the belt, Uso and Kingston head-butted Morrison off the ladder, where he fell with a loud thud with a belt in his hand. Thanks to the fact that he was holding a belt, the referee declared him the winner, leaving Kingston and Use shocked on top of the ladder.

WHAT A MATCH. WHAT AN ENDING.@TheRealMorrison keeps the #SmackDown #TagTeamTitles in his grasp, literally at #WrestleMania! @WWEUsos @TrueKofi

— WWE (@WWE) April 5, 2020

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of WrestleMania 36:

Jimmy and Kingston tussle over a ladder. The ladder ends up bridged between the middle rope and another ladder. Jimmy slams Kingston into the ladder. Morrison knocks Jimmy off the top of a ladder. Jimmy lands with a thud outside of the ring. Morrison climbs the ladder and almost pulls down the titles. Kingston cuts Morrison off. Kingston and Morrison fight on top of the ladder. Jimmy sets up a ladder next to Kingston. All three men have their hands on the titles. Jimmy knocks Morrison off the ladder but Morrison pulls down both titles in the process. Morrison wins!

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