John Hennigan To Compete In Boxing Match At Creator Clash 2 Charity Event

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Creator Clash has actually revealed the match card for its upcoming Creator Clash 2 charity boxing occasion set up for April 15th. The occasion includes YouTube influencers participating in boxing matches for charitable functions.

Previous WWE Superstar John Hennigan (John Morrison) will battle Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein.

You can take a look at the upgraded lineup for the program listed below:

* Ian “iDubbbz” Jomha V.S Alex Wassabi
* Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time) VS. Former WWE Star John Hennigan (aka John Morrison).
* Fitz (GoodGuyFitz) VS. I did a thing
* Froggy Fresh VS. Chris Ray Gun
* Marisha Ray (Critical Role) VS. Haley Sharpe (YodelingHaley)
* Myth (Myth_YT) VS. Hundar (MuscleParty)
* Arin Hanson (GameGrumps) V.S Jarvis Johnson
* Alanah Pearce (Charalanahzard) VS. RIPMika
* CrankGameplays VS. Leonhart
* Nathan Barnatt (Dad) VS. AB Ayad (Starkilla/The H3 Podcast)
* Jaelaray VS. Abelina Sabrina
* Jack Manifold (JackManifoldTV) VS. Dakota Olave