John Cena to Take on Hosting Duties for “What Drives You” Series on Roku

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Variety reported today that John Cena will have his first-ever talk show on Roku Originals when he hosts and produces “What Drives You.”

There will be eight episodes for the first season that will be produced by ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures. David George, Shawn Witt, Sean Moran, Jay Bienstock, Cena, and Dan Baime are the executive producers.


You can check out the official synopsis for the series below:

“Cena is revving up the engine in “What Drives You,” a breakthrough talk show format, where he’ll hit the road with his celebrity friends in their favorite vehicles that hold a special meaning to them. In each episode, he’ll hitch a ride with a new guest for an in-depth interview & curiosity-fueled excursion, as they discuss a wide variety of both laugh-out-loud & deeply personal topics, all the while reminiscing about some of the guest’s favorite memories associated with their prized ride.”

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John Cena, the renowned professional wrestler and actor, is set to make his mark in the talk show world with his new series, “What Drives You.” The show, which will be available on Roku Originals, will feature Cena hosting and producing as he embarks on road trips with his celebrity friends in their cherished vehicles.

The first season of “What Drives You” will consist of eight episodes, all produced by ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures. The executive producers include David George, Shawn Witt, Sean Moran, Jay Bienstock, Cena himself, and Dan Baime.

The series promises a unique and engaging format, as Cena and his guests delve into in-depth interviews and embark on curiosity-fueled excursions. The show will cover a wide range of topics, from light-hearted and humorous discussions to deeply personal conversations. Throughout the journey, Cena and his guests will also reminisce about their favorite memories associated with their beloved rides.

The announcement of Cena’s talk show has garnered excitement and anticipation among fans and media outlets alike. Variety, a prominent entertainment publication, shared the news on their Twitter account, further amplifying the buzz surrounding the show.

“What Drives You” marks a significant milestone in Cena’s career, as he ventures into a new realm of entertainment. Known for his charismatic personality and ability to connect with audiences, Cena’s talk show is expected to offer a fresh and captivating experience for viewers.

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As John Cena gears up to host “What Drives You,” fans eagerly await the premiere of this exciting new talk show. With Cena’s charm and the promise of intriguing conversations on the road, “What Drives You” is poised to become a must-watch series for both wrestling fans and talk show enthusiasts alike.