John Cena Talks Staying Positive On Twitter And In Life

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John Cena Talks Staying Positive On Twitter And In Life

Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena is not only one of the most legendary wrestling superstars of all-time, but he might also be one of the most nicest superstars of all-time, as well. Cena is known for his incredibly sunny disposition, and while many might think it’s an act, it seems as if Cena is just a genuinely nice guy. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cena discussed how to stay positive not only in life, but on places like social media as well.

“It’s almost like my journal,” Cena said in regards to Twitter. “That’s who I am as a human. I generate these from self-reflection and self-exploration. I never try to be too judgy or too pushy, I just try to put out thoughts to the world.”

Cena went on to say that the best goal for building his a social media presence is being authentic. “It’s the same thing that garnered me a lot of success in the WWE, which was remaining authentic,” said Cena. “When I changed into a hip hop persona, hip hop was part of my life, a part of my culture. So I just dove in in a way that was authentic to me. I was a Vanilla Ice exaggerated wannabe, essentially what I was in middle school, and I went back to that personality with all the bravado and swagger, and then eventually, over a decade and a half, became the character you see on Raw and SmackDown.

“Very much like in WWE when I openly switched and stopped rapping, choosing to be more aware of the young people in the crowd. That was the spawn of the character I became, which was, ‘Work hard, never give up, show respect.’ That’s who I am.”

According to Cena, the goal for him is to make social media a better place, especially due to all the hostility that can often be found on it. “I know that social media is most times a difficult, argumentative, and negative place, Twitter especially, because of the ability to hide behind the text,” said Cena. “So what can I do? Send out good stuff, be honest with everybody, and then follow people that relate to the good stuff.

Needless to say, Cena’s kindness extends to any platform he’s on, and it’s inspiring to see him continue to be the nice person he was in the WWE.

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