John Cena Talks ‘Dolittle,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ Working With James Gunn

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John Cena Talks ‘Dolittle,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ Working With James Gunn

John Cena

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

John Cena recently sat down with Collider to talk about a handful of topics, including his recent role in the upcoming film “Dolittle” and his role on “Suicide Squad,” as well as what it’s been like to work with James Gunn on a film.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On working on Dolittle:

Dude, it’s a… I don’t know how any of this is happening, I mean, I’m promoting a movie with Robert Downey Jr. I’m currently filming a movie, a superhero movie, with James Gunn.

On what it was like to read for Suicide Squad:

I was blown away. The first 10 pages [are] like a movie in itself. It’s really, really special. That’s because the guy steering the ship [Gunn] is committed to narrative and committed to creating characters that we connect with and sending them on an awesome journey. I mean what he did with [Guardians of the Galaxy] is really special.

On working with James Gunn:

When I watch Guardians, immediately I’m connected to these people and I walk away with a certain takeaway from that movie, It has nothing to do with the preconceived notions of the comic book characters. I watched the movie for the movie and I enjoy it. I’m also a storyteller at heart. I got to go out there on a nightly basis in WWE and entertain Birmingham, Alabama and make them want to believe that they want to see a WWE title switch or that so-and-so hates so-and-so or whatever story we’re trying to put together for that night. So I tip my cap to a great storyteller. James is a writer and a developer and he has great vision.

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