John Cena Shares His Greatest Fear While Engaged in Feud with Austin Theory

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On a recent edition of WWE’s “After the Bell” podcast, WWE Superstar John Cena commented on a variety of topics including his concerns about apathy while feuding with Austin Theory.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his biggest fear for his feud with Austin Theory and Theory dealing with “non-focused silence”: “My biggest fear was apathy. That non-focused silence. There is even the sound of focused silence, but that non-focused silence is when you’re dead in the water. It was one of my main points, the last time we spoke, back when I was speaking about Austin Theory. Nothing I said to Austin out there, I wouldn’t say to his face. We still talk on a regular basis and I still try to bestow on him advice.”

On how Theory is working on connecting with the audience: “I think he’s working more towards connecting with the audience, but I could hear the silence of apathy when he would perform. I know it is because I had plenty. I single-handedly ruined the Ruthless Aggression Era by completely failing, being the Ruthless Aggression guy and failing. I know what apathetic silence sounds like and that was my one fear.”

Austin Theory defeated John Cena at WrestleMania 39 (Night One) earlier this year.

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In a recent episode of WWE’s “After the Bell” podcast, John Cena, a renowned WWE Superstar, shared his concerns about apathy during his feud with Austin Theory. Cena expressed his fear of encountering non-focused silence, which he believes can be detrimental to a wrestler’s career.
Cena emphasized that his biggest fear during his feud with Theory was apathy. He described non-focused silence as a state where the audience shows no interest or engagement with the performer. According to Cena, even silence can have different meanings. There is a sound of focused silence, where the audience is captivated and invested in the performance. However, non-focused silence indicates disinterest and can be detrimental to a wrestler’s momentum.
During the podcast, Cena revealed that he had spoken to Theory about this concern. He mentioned that he wouldn’t say anything to Theory on television that he wouldn’t say to his face. Cena and Theory maintain regular communication, and Cena continues to offer advice and guidance to help Theory improve.
Cena also discussed Theory’s efforts to connect with the audience. He acknowledged that Theory has been working towards establishing a connection with the fans. However, Cena admitted that he could hear the silence of apathy when Theory performed. Drawing from his own experiences, Cena mentioned that he knows what apathetic silence sounds like because he had experienced it himself during his career. He referred to his time as the face of the Ruthless Aggression Era, where he felt he had failed and faced apathy from the audience.
It is worth noting that Austin Theory defeated John Cena at WrestleMania 39 (Night One) earlier this year. This victory showcased Theory’s potential and solidified his position as a rising star in the WWE.
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In conclusion, John Cena’s concerns about apathy and non-focused silence during his feud with Austin Theory shed light on the importance of audience engagement in professional wrestling. Cena’s experiences and advice serve as valuable lessons for aspiring wrestlers, emphasizing the significance of connecting with the audience to avoid apathetic silence that can hinder a wrestler’s progress.