John Cena Says His Body Can’t Handle A Full-Time WWE Schedule Anymore

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John Cena recently joined “Busted Open Radio” to reflect on his match against Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39. In a candid discussion, Cena delved into his in-ring capabilities and his commitment to delivering an exceptional performance for the fans.

“I wish I was still there every day, it’s just my body can’t do it anymore, and I don’t wanna give the consumer a bad product.”


Recognizing the wisdom passed down by seasoned veterans, Cena acknowledged the dedication exhibited by legends like Eddie Guerrero, who would risk it all to ensure fans received a top-notch experience. Cena emphasized,

“I don’t care how I feel, I don’t care how I feel physically, I don’t care what baggage I have mentally, when I’m on, they paid good money and I’m gonna go out there and give everything I have and sometimes find it when it’s not there.”

Reflecting on his performance at WrestleMania 39, Cena humbly shared,

“I’m at a point where everything I have, in comparison to the bar that’s been set… what I have is what you saw at WrestleMania 39.”

While he exudes confidence in delivering a memorable show, Cena acknowledges that his current abilities may not align with the high standards set by sports entertainment. He graciously recognizes the elevated bar, stating,

“Sports entertainment has raised the bar and I’m humble enough to say that’s awesome, because you’re supposed to leave it better than you found it.”

At WrestleMania 39: Night 1, Theory emerged victorious in his US Championship defense against Cena in the opening match. Cena has not been on WWE TV since.

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