John Cena – ‘Roman Reigns Is A Film Performer In Live Entertainment’

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John Cena lowkey passed the torch to Roman Reigns at WWE No Mercy 2017, and the Samoan Superstar has come a long way since then.

From beating leukemia to establishing himself as The Head Of The Table, Reigns is on the verge of cementing his legacy as the greatest champion of the modern era with his nearly 1000-day reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.


During a recent appearance on the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast, Cena acknowledged Reigns’ growth and noted how far he has come from his rocky babyface run.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Reigns’ growth as a performer since the days of ‘suffering succotash’: “Fast forward to [now] where he doesn’t have to say a f**king word. That’s a man who knows who he is, period. Is he a different human being? Yes… He’s such a nuanced performer,. He’s a film performer in live entertainment.”

On Reigns no longer being polarizing the way he was when he was a babyface: “He’s really good. And when you took away that thing that I built ‘The company’s pushing this guy, go against him just to do the thing!’ ‘But he’s really good!’ ‘Nah, forget it, it’s gonna be chaos, we run the asylum.’ I love that but it doesn’t help someone like Roman find confidence.”

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