John Cena Reveals How Brock Lesnar Pitched Their WWE SummerSlam 2014 Match

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During a recent appearance on the NotSam Wrestling podcast, John Cena recalled how he and Brock Lesnar put together their iconic WWE Championship match at SummerSlam 2014.

The match saw The Beast Incarnate defeat The Champ for the vacant WWE Title in the main event after taking Cena to Suplex City.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Brock Lesnar telling him the idea for the match: “Brock was taken from OVW and pushed into being champion immediately. I was given an opportunity at the beginning and then became an enhancement talent. Even when I re-identified myself as a rapper, I was an enhancement talent. I had a two-year understudy of, ‘This is your job. This is the story.’ Arn Anderson (would say), ‘It’s just not your night kid. The story is for this.’ I have great equity and my piece is to make this interesting. Brock is one of the most giving performers when it’s his time. He will make anyone look great. I remember Brock being like, ‘I had dinner with Steve Austin last night and we came up with this idea where I start suplexing you and don’t stop and then beat you.’ ‘Yeah.’”

On why they agreed this was the right choice: “We both collectively agreed that you just beat the streak. We ruin that if we have a 50/50 match. It’s not my night, kid. Arn Anderson, in the back of my head, I hope he understands the influence he had on my wisdom with this. It’s not my night. How do you showcase the enormity of that win? How do we not waste the Undertaker’s streak. It’s not just Brock winning a match, it’s all those matches he had to lead up to losing. If I go out and have a 50/50 match where he just sneaks over, we wasted all that. If you take that unbelievable feat with another unbelievable feat, now we have passed the energy, and that is how you make someone. That someone can make others and that’s how the business works, you have to be able to work together. You can survive and thrive by also being generous and being giving and working with others.”

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