John Cena On Whether He’s ‘Paid His Dues’ With The Fast Family

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John Cena has worked in two Fast & Furious films so far, and “The Champ” recently appeared on “Busted Open Radio” to discuss being part of the Fast family.

During the podcast, the 16-time WWE champion opined on whether he believes he’s paid his dues with the franchise.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being part of the Fast family: “The parallels that the Fast Family runs to a WWE locker room [are] uncanny. I think it’s the way it is because the original cast has been doing it for twenty two years. They don’t want some new person coming in and essentially negating their hard work, so everybody is vetted properly and it’s a real family environment. There’s a few conversations and cocktails that are encouraged, which I really love that. It’s a great place to work and it reminds me of my early days in WWE.”

On if he ‘paid his dues’ when he joined the cast for F9: The Fast Saga: “Well, you know the term pay your dues is kind of, that’s the kind of terminology that would be thrown around with people of our generation. I would kind of like to encompass that with [the term] bet on the right person. You can get a part, and that’s the same with WWE. You can get a chance to go out there by how you look, what you offer, but overall, if you’re not fit for the company, then the company isn’t fit for you and you’ll be exited out. Fast is the same way, they have a system where they vet you before you go, they make sure you’re the right person, and they make sure you’re not full of shit over the scope of filming. If you’re welcomed in when they believe you’re the right person for the family, just like WWE, it’s a very family environment. If you’re not the right fit, it’s no harm on anybody, but they do essentially make sure to vet the right people.”

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