John Cena Confirms WWE Return Will Happen, Says He ‘Very Much’ Looks Forward To Wearing Jorts Again 

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John Cena Confirms WWE Return Will Happen, Says He ‘Very Much’ Looks Forward To Wearing Jorts Again

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Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena is ready to wear jorts again.

John Cena recently spoke to Insight with Chris Van Vliet while promoting F9, the latest entry in the Fast & Furious Saga that sees Cena play Jakob Toretto, the long-lost evil brother of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. While he plays a bad guy in the movie, Cena has never really been one in the WWE Universe, although it’s been rumored he came close to switching sides over the years. Cena said this film will showcase that him playing a heel is at least possible, and said he’s enoyed diving into the new film because it allows him to explore that side of the emotional spectrum.

“Man what a question. I knew you were going to have good stuff. I think this is a beginning to showcase the fact that it’s possible. Now as WWE invests and builds its roster and has a wealth of talent, it truly has many different anchors to the ship. Certainly, Roman Reigns being a very marketable and definitive star. I think the reason for me not exploring that side is because WWE didn’t feel confident that they had an alternative. I respect that business choice I really do. But now with them really laying the foundation for their future, I mean even for life in the next decade or so, maybe but I don’t know. But what I do like about Fast is that it shows I am a human being like everyone else. I experience anger, sadness, bitterness, resentment. All those emotions like we all do. I’m given a form to display it, just like with Trainwreck. I’m always known for my childish comedy in WWE because it’s a PG show! Then if I’m put on an R rated comedy, everyone is like ‘Woah! He actually cusses!’ Yeah of course, it’s an R-rated comedy. So it’s kind of being given a new set of tools and work with those tools.”

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Van Vliet then asked about the last time Cena wore his ‘trademark’ jorts, which led to Cena confirming a WWE return was in the works.

“The last time was not this WrestleMania but last WrestleMania. I can tell you this,” Cena said, “I very much look forward to wearing jorts again, it’s been too long.”

Asked if this was a matter of when and not if, Cena confirmed he’s coming back to WWE and said “You are absolutely correct. Yep.”

Asked about the prospect of performing in front of WWE fans again, Cena said he’s not excited for himself, but rather the WWE roster who have been working for the past year without crowds. He said he doesn’t think he would have prospered in that same environment, and singled out Roman Reigns as someone that has benefitted from getting to workshop and define himself in the WWE ThunderDome.

“So I’m going to modify the question, because I think the question is selfish. I’m excited for the WWE performers. I know hard it’s been. I don’t think I would have done very well in this atmosphere without an audience. But I also think that this time without an audience has allowed performers like Roman Reigns for example, to unobstructively mold his character. If you send Roman Reigns from city to city with paying audience after paying audience, there may be some audiences that don’t even care what he has to say. They just want to boo him or cheer him or whatever. Without that, especially developing your character and trying to get the message across, like trying to hand someone your business card. I think Roman has absolutely needed this time and in it he has developed his personality and found out who he is. Now when he goes back to live audiences, they aren’t confused. He’s spent this 15 month block defining who he is and he’s the one who can benefit from this. Whereas established performers, I think I really would have had a tough time with no audiences. I as a performer, am happy for the WWE to have crowds again. I really look forward to get back in front of those crowds. But I am happy for everybody that their music can hit and they can feel that genuine excitement that makes all of our hearts beat.”

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