John Cena Claims He Has Actually Reached The Golden Of His Wrestling Profession

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John Cena will challenge Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship next month at WrestleMania 39.

Following his go back to WWE RAW recently, Cena tweeted,

” Last night was the very first time I went into the arena and had the idea that it may be the last time.”

The Champ’s declaration sent out fans into a craze as individuals started hypothesizing about his retirement from the squared circle.

Speaking with AP News, Cena clarified his discuss Twitter, keeping in mind that while he isn’t hanging up his boots right now, he has actually absolutely reached the golden of his remarkable profession.

You can take a look at some highlights from the interview listed below:

On his Twitter remarks:” I attempted to put it in words in Twitter. I think I didn’t describe myself properly. It was the very first time I came out into the arena understanding that this has a conclusive end. Typically, you come out, you get all delighted, OK, this is the next one and I’m awaiting the next one. I’m refrained from doing, naturally. I made that declaration accepting a match at WrestleMania so I understand I have at least another in front of me. What I was attempting to communicate was, that was the very first time I looked at all that enjoyment and energy and understood this is the golden of that journey.”

On the rate of his schedule and feeling his age:” I’m feeling my age, so to speak. I might utilize a bit of rest, however all my option. These are fantastic things to be a part of. Since this film does not stop, this one I’m truly thrilled for. It is going to be action from the opening credits. We have a terrific group that blends action and funny. I’m likewise attempting to do my finest to, I dislike the term work-life balance, however I’m attempting to do my finest to not fall under the trap of workaholism where I simply conceal in my work and I’m not a totally open, susceptible human being to individuals around me, individuals that I enjoy. I have not yet compromised my relationships for my work. I’m at a respectable speed today where I can strike on all cylinders.”

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